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About me

A pleasure from designing


I follow the intuitive language of architecture that I use in all my projects. I have created a special vocabulary for my projects as a result of my experience gained over the years abroad. State-of-the-art solutions, balance and symmetry are just a few of the characteristic and individual features that make up my compositions. Interiors should be unique, harmonious, timeless, and most importantly, functional and comfortable. They are to be seen as an impeccable composition of carefully selected fabrics, textures, colors and shapes. I specialize in all aspects of architecture, design and construction supervision.


I develop various types of projects: exclusive apartments, houses, offices and hotels.  I believe that the aim of the project is important. Designing, on the other hand, is an intuitive process that must be controlled at every stage. That is why I always insist on the author's supervision of projects from start to finish.  Warsaw, London or Geneva is not a problem, what counts is the end result.  As a result, a unique creation and style are created, combined with a coherent and individual vision.  

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