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Step by step...


The first step to a perfect interior is to get to know the dimensions of the room, its strengths and weaknesses. I take into account, among others location and exposure of the apartment. Photographic documentation is also extremely important, as it helps in creating detailed arrangement plans. If the investment is at the design stage, I rely on the submitted projects, and the inventory is carried out immediately after the completion of construction.


At this stage, I get to know the tastes, expectations and lifestyle of customers. Together, we consider the character of the interior, its style and colors. We also set the main assumptions that will guide us throughout the entire process. Then it is time to collect inspiration and create mood boards that will help us achieve the desired result. I propose possible arrangement solutions and prepare them in the form of 3D models. Together, we choose furniture and materials that can be used in the implementation. After selecting a specific project, I create a computer visualization that allows clients to see the appearance of the investment after renovation in a very similar way.

Detailed design - cost estimate

The next step is a detailed detailed design, which is the basis for construction and finishing works. It contains technical drawings and guidelines for water, sewage and electrical installations. It also allows for cooperation with designers of intelligent systems, public address and air conditioning. I am preparing it as an A3 book, supplemented by an electronic version. This stage of preparation also includes visits to furniture showrooms and DIY stores, during which I advise you on the best solutions. We watch the proposals of furniture and finishing materials live, we choose specific products. It is also the moment to establish the final cost estimate.  



Author's supervision

I am with you throughout the entire implementation process, checking if all its stages are carried out in accordance with the design documentation. In this way, my clients can be sure that the end result will be flawless. 

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