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The Krakow investment at the Vistula is a combination of modernity and tradition. The design of the elevation, created with my participation, refers to classic tenement houses, but it is also modern. Terrace balconies provide each of the residents with a perfect view of the river and ensure intimacy.

The common parts designed by me - lobbies and corridors - are characterized by a dark, romantic tone. The whole thing is sophisticated, and at the same time very comfortable - the corridors are covered with footsteps-soundproofing carpets. A detail that catches the eye of visitors coming in is the red Aka_Tsuki lamp designed by Ingo Maurer.

The show apartment is a high-end interior that represents the entire investment. Simple, but very elegant forms in a modern style and top-shelf materials (white marble) give a premium effect that will delight potential customers.

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